About c r i s

c r i s mannen is a men’s store in the centre of Utrecht. Since April 1999, the store has been located on the Mariaplaats in the historic centre near the Dom tower.

The clothing store only offers men’s wear. The store has its own view on men’s fashion, which can be described as: innovative, distinctive and modern with always a great eye for quality.

At c r i s, quality plays a main part when choosing the brands; where and how the brands articles have been produced, the use of materials and fabrics and of course in particular how the company itself prefers to work!

From headgear to shoes and from trousers to suits, c r i s demonstrates speciality. Speciality also because of a different view on the brands mutually and the mix that is a result thereof. This ensures that the c r i s store has an assortment that you will not come across anywhere else.

We love to welcome you!